Dr. Viktor Zólyomi, PhD


Welcome to my old website. This page hosts my PhD Thesis which can be downloaded in PDF format for free. For up-to-date information on my research activity please go to my current web space: http://www.physics.lancs.ac.uk/people/viktor-zolyomi

 Current Position

Senior Research Associate
Physics Department
Lancaster University
United Kingdom

 PhD Thesis

My PhD thesis was written under the supervision of Professor Jenő Kürti at the Eötvös University:
PhD Thesis, English Summary, Hungarian Summary, English Thesis Booklet, and Hungarian Thesis Booklet.

 Research activity, list of publications

My main research interest is the theoretical study of low dimensional nanostructures such as carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, graphene, silicene, and transition metal dichalchogenides. I also have some experience with the surface science of transition metals. You can find a list of my publications up to 2012 here, and a regularly updated listing of my research in the past 5 years here.

 Non-Science Writings

Outside of science my hobbies include, among other things, writing fiction novels. In 2011 I published a dark fantasy pentalogy entitled Rider of the Black Horse and a collection of short stories entitled Preludes to a Nightmare. If you like dark fantasy and are interested in these books, visit the official website at http://www.rideroftheblackhorse.co.uk

I also write comedy novels set in and around the fictional metropolis of Con City. These are tales taking place in the 21st century while relying on absurd humor and dark comedy. Imagine crossing Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy with every 1980s action movie ever made and spiced with a touch of Tarantino films, and you'll have a pretty good idea what to expect. If you like such forms of comedy, have a look at http://www.con-city.com

In relation to the Con City novels I am a dedicated supporter of dark humor in general. I've started a website on Halloween 2011 dedicated to showcasing the very best that dark humor has to offer. The website mostly hosts reviews of dark humor flash games, books, movies, TV shows, or computer games. Feel free to pay a visit at http://www.bearwithadeathlist.co.uk